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5 Rules of Overtaking other Vehicles Safely on the Road

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Do you have the habit of driving slowly and cautiously? That is surely a commendable and positive driving habit, but there can be times when you might be in a hurry and even need to overtake the cars ahead of you. Although this practice has been misconstrued time and again, overtaking can cause little to no trouble if you are adhering to the right rules without causing any ruckus on the road. When you join the leading driving school in Marsden Park, you will learn the top driving techniques including the dos and don’ts of overtaking. But for now, let us look at some tips that make overtaking easy and safe.

What are the tops rules of overtaking other cars safely?

  • Observe the movements of other cars – If there is a vehicle ahead of your car, you must keep an eye on its movement. Avoid overtaking if the vehicle is about to stop at the pedestrian crossing or road intersections. The better your observational power, the greater will be your ability to predict the movement or behaviour of other cars and drivers around you. Remember, distraction and overtaking make a lethal combination. So, you should avoid all sorts of distractions not just when you are overtaking but during the entire time of driving.
  • Judge the space between your car and theirs – When there is enough space on the road, it gets less intimidating for you to overtake. So, before deciding your move, check whether the road is free of congestion and sufficiently broad enough to help you complete the overtaking successfully. To avoid any scope of collisions, you should never take the risk of overtaking in a narrow lane. In such cases, learning defensive driving skills becomes important. For that, you can take classes from the driving instructor of Marsden Park.
driving instructor of Marsden Park
  • Checks blind spots & mirrors always – So, how do you overtake while changing lanes? Beware, this can be a risky affair. It is suggested that you go slow about it. Not only should you adjust and keep a watch on the mirrors, but you should also check blind spots over your shoulder (not too often) to ensure that you do not bump into any vehicle behind or ahead of you. Also, avoid being in the blind spot of other large vehicles. If you see yourself in such a situation, you should either drop back or move forward.
  • Utilise the latest technology – Today, advanced car models come integrated with the system offering overtaking assistance. With this technology, you can understand whether or not now is the right time to overtake the vehicles before you. If you have practised sufficiently, you can learn to use this traffic simulation technology for increasing your efficiency behind the wheels and ensure everyone’s safety on the road.
  • Never over-speed – Over-speeding may land you in troubles that you can only imagine. From legal issues to heavy penalties, you have to face the music of breaking the rules and regulations of the road. Moreover, over-speeding can increase the chances of road fatalities to a great extent. Hence, the most important rule here is to abide by the speed limit no matter what. Instead of rushing on the road, you should better start early from your home.

Wrapping it up – Right from learning the overtaking tricks to picking up the basic parking skills, you can know it all by joining driving lessons for beginners. DAVID V.I.P DRIVING SCHOOL is one of the best institutes offering high-quality lessons at affordable rates. To book your class, call @ 0431524817

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